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New blueprint customizations in v31.4

In lorax-composer version 31.4 we have added the ability to setup a few more things when the image is created. The full documentation is here. It is now possible to modify the kernel boot cmdline, set the timezone, locale, open firewall ports, and enable services.

For example, now you can enable services so the symlink workaround I used in my post about repos.git is no longer necessary. You can add this to the blueprint to start nginx at boot time:

enabled = ["nginx"]

The [customizations.firewall] section lets you open up ports (or firewalld services) in the firewall. To open ports 80 and 443 for use with a webserver you would add this to your blueprint:

ports = ["80:tcp", "443:tcp"]

If you have suggestions for other customizations please open an issue on GitHub and we can discuss it.

Written by Brian Lane on May 3, 2019